Accompany and strengthen the Tseltal communities of the region, especially young people, through the defense, promotion and dissemination of their rights, language and culture, in collaboration with the Diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas.


That the Tseltal people of the Bachajón Mission achieve the political, economic and cultural autonomy they need to have a dignified, multicultural and peaceful life, in accordance with the Good News announced by Jesus.

For over 60 years, the mission has accompanied the Tseltal and Mestizos people of the region in developing an organized structure to cultivate good life, wholeness in the community, and peace in the region. This vision is reflected in the structure of the mission and integrated teams that lead the projects.


Yomol Ch’uhunel (The Native Catholic Church)
Yomol P’ijbtesel (Education Processes)
Yomol Ayinel (Social organization)
Yomol A’tel (Integral Processes of Solidarity Economy)
Yomol C’opojel (Communication)
Administration (Management, Accounts, Projects)
Coffee Cooperative