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Our community radio has five lines of action (that we prefer to call processes), through which we accompany the lives of numerous communities, vulnerable to external threats and internal challenges. We are in charge of promoting human rights, social economy, community healthcare, intercultural pastoral, immigrants defense, and in general leading them through love and the will of God to true liberation.

With the Sierra Norte Human Rights Committee, we have managed the regularization of thousands of acres in the Otomí and Tepehua zones, and supported various projects, such as the Creation of the “Adalberto Tejeda” Forest Productive Unit and different networks which trade organic coffee, honey and vanilla, among other products. Also, we have promoted 32 musical groups that now make up an organization of young indigenous people.

We have a big project, with many goals for the future, such as the construction of a new building for the radio. However, Hurricane Grace affected this. After the cyclone hit us last August, our current building suffered some damage and the radio construction process was cut short. Now, we have finally resumed the foundation and construction of the project, which had been developed between the construction company Dipro Innovation Design and consultations with the Development Team and some communities.

For this reason, your financial support is requested for the project, to be carried out between the months of May and September. We are asking for $137,200 dollars (from the total budget of one million dollars) to build the ecotechnology system described below. This donation would go to the Iberoamericana University Foundation, and the relevant tax deductible would be issued. The other part of the budget will come from contributions on behalf of some Jesuit Universities and other donors.
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Infrastructure equipment for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, for the Guest House building, Radio Station building and Shelter remodulations.

General description:

  • System of capture and filtering for rainwater potabilization
  • Facade covers of steel folding panels with textile membrane, SERGE FERRARI stamping mesh
  • Drywall Lambrine with thermal insulator of mineral wool mat or fiberglass
  • Set of photovoltaic solar panels, for Guest House building, Radio Station building and Shelter remodulations.
  • Boxes of protections with DC fuse for 2 series and 3 Series
  • 10 kW Inverter Fronius Primo 10.0-1 208-240
  • 2.5 KW Inverter Fronius Primo 12.0-3 208-240
  • Load center, Cat. QO312L125G 3F-4H 127/220 V, with main footings, Square D brand
  • Photovoltaic cable connected in divided series
  • PVC conduit pipe and galvanized adjustment conduit pipes
  • Ironwork, connectors, screws, clamps, dowels, etc. and all the accessories for the correct installation.

Includes: Supply of materials and installation on site.
The supply of solar panels is specified in the Ecotechnologies package 1
Total budgeted cost: $ 81,441 (1,710,275 pesos).

The benefits of the construction project include:
1. Increasing the number of listeners (currently 700,000 people in five different Mexican states: Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Hidalgo, Puebla and Veracruz).
2. Improving the quality of the broadcasting (the building is obsolete).
3. An Intercultural Research Center linked with 8 Jesuit universities in Mexico and 3 in the United States (Fordham, Seattle and San Francisco).
4. Conditioning of the current building to serve as shelter for the indigenous people that come from the Sierra (aprox. 500 people per year). It will have a medical dispensary, a legal advisory office and residence space for volunteers.
5.It will allow us to receive additional donations for the ordinary administrative expenditures of the radio team. Mexican laws mandate that all our services, as a social community radio, must be free of charge.

Thank you for your attention and solidarity. We await any response, as well as comments or suggestions.
Fr. Sergio Cobo, S.J,
Coordinador of Radio Huaya “La Voz Campesina”

Radio Huaya

$10 of $137,200 raised

Radio Huaya is a project of the Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus, where three Jesuit priests work (Fathers Alfredo Zepeda, Sergio Cobo and Raúl Cervera), in conjunction with a professional team which includes six indigenous people, six professional and four volunteers from different Jesuit Universities.

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